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Challenging the Status Quo: What Happens When Dr. Shiva and David Morgan Talk Truth, Freedom, and Health?

Dr. Shiva is running for President and he campaigns around the slogan "Truth Freedom Health." The slogan summarizes his key campaign pillars, which he describes as interdependent principles that provide a framework for his political philosophy.

Truth: Dr. Shiva emphasizes the importance of open dialogue and the pursuit of truth. He often criticizes mainstream media and advocates for more transparency in governmental decision-making processes.

Freedom: He champions individual liberties and is often critical of government regulations that he perceives as infringements on those liberties. This includes his stance against mandatory vaccinations, which has been a point of controversy.

Health: Dr. Shiva advocates for more personalized approaches to healthcare and criticizes what he sees as the over-centralization and corruption of the healthcare industry. He often talks about the importance of a systems approach to solving healthcare issues.

Although you're aware of my political views, Dr. Shiva raises some crucial points that you should consider in your quest for truth, freedom, and health.

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