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David Morgan: Gold’s Weekly Charts and Market Psychology

With gold near all-time-record highs, The Silver Guru, David Morgan, reviews the charts of gold and silver in anticipation of a rocket ship ride to new highs as soon as 2024!

- David outlines his bullish case for gold in 2024.
- Is silver winding up for a big run to record highs, mirroring 2010, when AG 3x'ed in 9 months?
- Is the true price of gold, when inflation adjusted close to $20,000?
- If gold support holds $2,150, is a run to $2,300 the next stop on this bull train ride?
- We review the epic 4 year, bullish consolidation in silver, possibly unrivaled in modern history!
- Is the 4 year silver price consolidation signaling a run to $50+ in the coming months?
- David's work suggests an ultimate zenith of $200 silver, this decade.
- Is silver in a "structural supply deficit?"
- Will the herd pile into silver, once gold prints $2,500, as a sympathy investment?
- As gold climbs to $5,000-$10,000+, will silver gain gold-like status to the masses?

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