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June 2024 Morgan Report Review

This month's report has just been posted.

Inside the June 2024 Issue...

Opening Thoughts: The gold and silver markets have experienced notable fluctuations this month, driven by a complex interplay of economic, geopolitical, and market-specific factors. May saw significant activity in both metals, influenced by historical highs, anticipated monetary policies, and shifting investor sentiment. This analysis will delve into the recent trends, historical context, and future outlook for gold and silver, providing a comprehensive overview of the current state and potential future movements in these markets.

What's up, Doc? Diagnosing the Investment Case for Dr. Copper: Whether we are re-outlining the sound money characteristics of gold, or banging the drum of the current supply-demand mismatch that pertains to silver, readers of The Morgan Report should be well aware by now of our bullish thesis on precious metals. That said, we are also committed to building the wealth of our readers as and when non-precious metals opportunities arise. Incidentally, copper is a metal that we are interested in at present.

Is the Noble Metal a Noble Investment? Approximately 15 times rarer than gold, platinum is a metal whose investment case we covered back in the December edition of TMR. As part of this, we concluded that speculation in platinum could prove lucrative in the long term, due to prevailing supply challenges out of South Africa. Since then, the platinum price has experienced significant volatility, culminating with an annual peak of just under $1100/oz, as of May 20.

Blockchain Brief: This brief delves into various aspects of the blockchain market, including legal matters, crypto policies, the LODE project, and other significant events in the crypto industry.

Company Updates: While the Q1 earnings season was strong, it won't be until Q2 results are released that we will see just how big of an impact higher gold and silver prices will have on earnings and cash flow generation.

New World Order: Till Kingdom Come: Currencies all over the world are collapsing, even the majors, and this is a very big deal. For instance, Japan just deployed $55 billion on defense, which, at best, slows the collapse. The Japanese yen has declined by approximately 12-13% versus the US dollar so far in 2024, as part of a longer-term collapse that has seen it lose over 33% of its value against the greenback since early 2021.

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